Okay, here's the prelude to this very hilarious event. I started looking for a new roomate, so I listed my place on roomates.com. This person contacted me....
How re you doing today ? My name is Dee Nelson from MANCHESTER area.I hope my time meets your positive needs on the room as you have it in the market.I put the ad up not quite long and ive seen so many houses/apts/shared place .Im very much interested and will want you to get back to me with more details about the room and with any question as you feel like asking as per above.
MOST IMPORTANTLY ; For a swift response,kinda important you email me [email protected] for a swift response. I hope to read from you soonest...Best Regards
Dee nelson.
Hey, I was looking at your profile.

I see that you have cities in Texas listed?

I am located in Richmond, VA. Is that the area you are looking for?

Utilities run about $120 a month per person on average.

And we spit stuff like cleaning supplies, condiments, milk, etc...

I find it alot easier to just buy stuff and split it up than try to keep track of who's turn it is to buy what. Thanks,

Thanks so much for the mail.Everything sounds good to me .But you do not need to worry about the profile cos im needing a place as per my travels to the US on business levels.I really do need a place in VA .And you place would be best as regards.

Anyways, i'll like to have the breakdown details, the total move in cost of the room as well as the picture of the house as i'll not be able to check out the place until my arrival, so that i can make arrangement for payment prior to my arrival since i'll be coming down from Africa as soon as i'm able to secure a comfortable room.Have a cool time.

I anxiously await a swift response from you soon.

Narrative: Okay whatever nothing really that suspect yet. Also, keep in mind that I'm in contact with several individuals, and basically skimming e-mails for salient information and replying as quickly as possible....

Hello Hello,

Since you are expressing interest I'll go ahead and recap and give you as much information as I can in this e-mail.

You can find pictures at the following two URLs



The deposit is $400. Rent is $325. This means I would need initially $725 from you.

The deposit, of course, is refundable when you move out minus any damages or final utility bills.

Utilities run on average $130 a month per person with 3 of us living there.

That includes, Electric, Water, Sewer, Internet, Trash Pickup, Digital Cable TV, Telephone.

I like to handle "community items" (such as paper towels, toilet paper, condiments, milk, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, etc) by simply buying the items myself and splitting up the receipt. I find it much easier than everyone trying to remember who's turn it is to buy what.

The room is approximately 12x11 if I remember correctly. There is a closet, and I also have an attic which can be used for storage of a few things (I already have a bit up there myself.)

There is a storage place about a mile down the road from my house though if you have a lot of things and we can't find a place for them.

Me and Cory have 2 dogs.


Me and Cory are able to care for them ourselves so if you didn't want to fool with them, you wouldn't have to. There rare exception might be if Cory and I went out of town together, we might ask you to take them out to the restroom. Although if you have a problem with that, Cory can leave the dogs with the woman he got his dog from.

I don't have any kind of long term lease, but I will be drawing up an agreement stating that I require 6 weeks notice if you want to move out. If you move out without notice, or give notice, and move out prior to that notice, you would be responsible for rent and utilities over any applicable remainder of the 6 week period. Likewise, if I decide I'd like you to move out for one reason or another, you would have at minimum 6 weeks to do so, possibly more depending on the actual circumstances of why you were being asked to leave.

You would be sharing a bathroom with my other roommate Cory.

The house does have two bathrooms. If you preferred to use the Master Bedroom yourself and have your own bathroom (It also has 2 closets, one rather large) I could let you use that room for $475 a month. It is also slightly larger in dimensions than the other bedroom.

Can you please tell me a little about yourself?

What brings you to Richmond?

What hours do you normally work?

As long as you aren't trying to sleep, are you tolerant of being able to hear TV or Music from other rooms?

What do you do for a career?

When would you want to move in?

Where are you currently located? I can make international calls relatively cheap from my house phone (Voice over IP) so if you wanted to have a phone conversation regarding anything I could give you a call.

Or this e-mail comes directly to my phone, so unless I'm asleep or at the gym I can answer pretty promptly.



Thanks so much for the mail.You seem really nice and im so excited.I cant wait to be in the states soon .As you will know,i currently work on contract for a private firm in west africa.I really do hope to end this temporary assignment by the 8th of APRIL 2006.I plan on moving in immediately.Planning on moving in on SAT,the 22nd of APRIL 2006.Ahead of move in,i can make the payment for the first month rent plus deposite to show commitment to my interest in the room .

Have you taken the ad off roommates.com ?

About me .

I am a Briton currently working on contract in Africa, a quiet and easy going person to live with. I'm 5"4' straight , neat and drug free.

I dont drink and smoke but i'm cool living with people that do. I always love to go on date but seldomly party. I swim for fun and sometimes play tennis. My families lives there in Great Britain and i have no friends in the US except you lol..... I am currently working on contract for my company JEK consulting inc. here in Africa. I had professional certification in CCNA. I hope to end my current assignment by the 8th of APRIL and will love to come down as soon as possible to explore my talent and hope to have a more profitable job.Will send a pics of me in a day or two.

However, based on your mail i will be making a payment of $725.00 to move in. I must confess i'm comfortable with the cost and its quite reasonable and affordable. I had like to make the payment for the first month ahead of my arrival, and then i will make subsequent payment thereafter as i plan to stay for more than 6months. So i'll client to see you'll get the payment prior to my arriving date.

The things i will be moving in are as follow;
- my Mercedes (C-class 2004 model) metalic green.
- suite case containing my books
- my 26' DELL PLASMA TV and DVD Home theatre
- my clothes in three luggages
- my desk top computer (COMPAQ) and
- pieces of furnitures.

I hope its all you can handle for me perfectly as i'll love to ship all of the above ahead of my arrival .Will let you know about the shipment later.

How does the US look like ? Tell me more .Also,i really do look forward to read from you more about yourself .Any picture of you ? Send more pics of the place since i wount be able to check out the place until my arrival.I'll love for you to take the ad off roommates.com cos im so excited and will love to rent the room . Hope to hear from you soon Regards

Narrative: Okay the person answered most of my questions, and again, I didn't really pay too much attention because I'm talking to several people. And I figured, umm okay they are sending a CAR over here? Whatever... they work for a British TelCom, maybe they know alot of ninja computer shit. They have a CCNA, a test that -I- failed, so they must be smart.

They asked for pictures of the house again, and I had sent about a trillion already in a previous e-mail. I didn't really think much of it, and just chalked it up to language barrier, but in retrospect, this is when the person began to exhibit behavior I should have picked up on. Specially since they speak ENGLISH in England Matt, lol

Hello dee,

I will unlist the room when I get home.

I appreciate your offer to pay for april.

Obviously you will not be responsible for utilities until you actually live at the house.

If you go to http://photo.netho.tk you can find pictures of me, my roomate cory, and the house.

I can take more pictures of the house if the ones I sent you earlier are not adequate.

I have no problem receiving your property before you arrive.

I'm at work right now, so I need to keep this short.

Are you easily able to make international calls?

If not, I can call you from my house phone rather cheap. I would very much like to touch base via telephone, and I can answer your questions more quickly and in depth.

What time zone are you in?

Me Again
I was also excited to read that you have a CCNA. Me and my roomate Cory are both rather passionate about computers. I took CCNA courses in College, but horribly failed the exam, lol.

So perhaps computers and networking are a common interest that we would all share.

I have a rather nice network in my house.l Cat 6 to all the rooms. Two Cable Modems 8Mbit / 768Kbps on a load balancing router.

I have a vonage VoIP phone in my house so you will be able to make international calls at these rates.


The UK is only .04 a minute. UK Cell phones are .30 a minute though it appears.

http://photo.netho.tk/thumbnails.php?album=82 and http://photo.netho.tk/thumbnails.php?album=89 are the links to the pictures of the house I sent you earlier. Again, if those are inadequate, I can take more. Thanks,

Me Again, lol
Sorry for the multiple e-mails. I'm at work so I send what I can as I can find time, lol.

Richmond is a nice area, I like it alot. I've lived in VA pretty much my whole life.

I grew up in South West Virginia.

Here are some pictures from around Richmond when my Mom and Sister visited me.


Here are some pictures from Kings Dominion, a theme about 40 min north of my house.


Washington DC is about an Hour 40 min north of Richmond.

Here are some pictures from Washington DC from that same weekend my Mom and Sister visited.



Thanks so muchc for the mail.Im so glad you will unlist the room roommates.com .Im so excited and cant wait to be in the states soon .

I think im always having problem with making INTL.call down here .I hope you got my phone # ?i truely cant wait to hear your lovely voice on the phone .Please feel free to call me anytime/at your convinience .I'll be more than happy to talk you even in the middle of the night.

Noticed you are still at work.Right here,it is geting late .Anyways,hows work treating you ?

Hope to read from you soon.

Dee Again
the you like it

Narrative: Okay I begin to get slightly annoyed here because the person isn't answering some of the questions I ask. I chalk it up to language barrier again, not realizing until later, that again, they speak ENGLISH in England, lol.

Thank you for the picture.

Also I do not see your phone number in any of the e-mails you have sent me.


What i think i should discuss with you is about my belongings to be shipped ahead of my arrival.Know im trustworthy and i hope i can trust you with this whole process.Please read below...

However, i'll be out to get a shipper who will be moving my properties in before my moving in date. In the mean time, i'll be needing your full name, mailing address and your phone number so as to prepare the payment as my client will be sending money orders of pay ( about $4000 being money due to me) from which i'll like you to deduct the fee for my room and help me keep the balance with you as i'll be needing some money to pay the shipper that will move my things down. I will keep you posted of when you are likely to receive the payment and when shipment will commence prob.when i might have foudn a shipper who will move my stuffs over to the US.

I hope i can trust you and i can as well be trusted Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good time.

Narrative: Okay again, at this point I must admit I hadn't really thought about it being a scam, it had been a long annoying week, and I'm not paying much attention to things.

I can certainly receive your belongings ahead of time without any kind of problem. I'm sure I can hold the money orders for you as well, and that should not be a problem.

My information is Yada Yada....

i think im 8 HRS ahead of you ...GMT-8HRS.Well,like i said in one of my previous emails,you can call me anytime.Right now,it is geting to 07;25 PM in west africa.I hope you can understand.

phone #;2348029419703. (This is a nigerian phone number that would have cost me about $2.10 a minute to call, lol)

Cool Ill try to call you this evening.

How much did you have to pay to take your CCNA?

It cost me about $120 and then I failed it, I was like ahhhhh nooooo.

What uni did you attend?

What is your company having you do in Nigeria?

You seem really nice and i must admit,i truely cant wait to be in the states soon . I hope to end my current assignment soon and will love to move down as soon as possible to explore my talent and to have a more profitable job . I'll let you know when ive found a nice shipper who will have the shipment of my belongings shipped over to the states as ill love for you to handle the shipment for me perfectly.Have you ever handled an INTL.shipment before ?

Well,i'll let you know when to expect anything and with further instructions . I hope the ad has been taken off roommates.com website as i am considering the place as mine right now and i really do hope you are excited on living with me soon .Hope you are having a wonderful day and please get back to me immediately.

Narrative: This is where I start to get annoyed for real... I asked three questions PLAIN as day that the person ignored entirely... focusing only on continuing the parts of the conversation that deal with money exchanges.... OOOOK at this point I realized it was clearly a scam of some sort, especially since the picture that was sent doesn't look very much like a 27 yr old Brit with a CCNA working for an International British Telco, looooool but I play along in an attempt to collect information

I have received packages from overseas before yes, but nothing large like furniture and belongings. Is anything involved other than simply receiving the package(s) at my home?

How did you want to handle the money?

How re you doing today.I hope you re having a wonderful day .Mine has been a little crazy with work though.I cant wait to be in the states soon.Tell me more about you .I still havnt gotten a phone call from you yet .Is everything OK ?Let me know .

Your new friend ... miss Naomi.

Narrative: Naomi?!? Wtf, is this scammer getting their cover's mixed up between marks? lol

I didn't get a chance to call last night. I had to go to gym and grocery store. Spent 270!

I have 2 jobs right now, the money is nice, lol.

What is your company doing in Nigeria?

Narrative: Notice how I pretend to have money? lol. Anyway, I ask again what kind of work it is exactly that she's 'supposedly' doing...... GRRRRR

At this point I contact the FBI and send them all the information I had thus far

please do you have a yahoo IM ? mine is dee_nelson2 >It will be much more easier cos i have something to discuss with you .And its very important .Please get back to me ASAP
Yes I do, my screename is erkdog, I'm not online at the moment though I am at work.

I have AOL AIM on my phone though. Screename erkphone.

Hope everything is ok.

Narrative: Still playing along trying to get as much info as I can, lol

Attach is a picture of me...This mail is directly from me and im not happy to inform you about the ugly incident live i will be explaining below.

I do not have a AOL address .I though will have to send the payment to you like ive instructed my company who will be making that out to you ASAP.My younger sister about hrs ago suddenly got herself involve in a critical accident.No one could beleive and my sister is presently lieing down on the sick bed dieing.I cant afford to loose her cos i so much love her .Please get back to me ASAP cos no insurance will be covering this in west africa.Litle effort from you will be appreciated and i'll return back all that you will be giving to me>As you can see,i do not have a friend in the US but you.You re in the best position to help right now .I promise to do anything for if only you can save the life of my younger sister.I hope to read from you soon cos i want the doctor to proceed with her treatment immediately.

Hope to read from you ASAP.

Narrative: OK... wtf... first of all, you have a CCNA and work for a Telco, and think you need an AOL 'address' to use AIM? I don't think so... but I already know this person is full of shit anyway, so I don't pay it any mind... it doesn't matter

hahahahah seriously.... your sister is sick? And why did you send me another picture? Am I supposed to look at that hot girl who's clearly not you anyway, and be like omg boooboibiieieis here's money for your imaginary sick sister!!!

Plus, you can tell from the construct of the message, that it's basically scripted, it doesn't flow with our previous conversation at all, and there are still Several questions I've asked that are still completely unanswered

I'd love to help you, but all my money is tied up at the moment. I could probably send you like $5 or something though. What address should I mail a money order to?

I thought you worked for a British Telcom on contract in Nigeria. Why is your sister there? Why wouldn't your existing insurance with the British Telcom pay for it? What does your sister have?

Quick question for you. I always like to ask CCNA's this.

When you setup routers on a distributed network. Do you prefer OSPF routing methods or more complicated hybrid protocols like BGP?

OSPF has some drawbacks though. But none of them are perfect, and OSPF works very well under certain conditions I've found.

Narrative: I do some prodding on the CCNA Front, and ask some general questions about why she even needs money for her sick sister. Nevermind the fact she's 'driving' around a silver Mercedes... laff

what are you talking about .All im asking for is some hundreds of $s and i'll pay back when i get there .You can send anything to me at the momment via any western union outlet cos im needing this to be picked up immediately.Please help me save the life of my younger sister.

Narrative: Okay this person basically IGNORED the last e-mail I sent, and just outright asks for money... NOW I am just outright pissed and feel like having some fun.....

I don't use western union, it costs too much. Mail is cheap.

I have an idea. Why don't you just fly over here with your sister. We can get married, claim your sister as a dependant, and the excellent insurance the multimillion dollar company I work for provides me will pay to treat your sister's condition.

On top of that, we will both save 15% on federal income tax. EVERYBODY WINS!!

Plus you are pretty hot, I wouldn't mind making a few babies with you myself! Then we get even MORE tax deductions. Sweeet I'm looking forward to our marriage. When can expect to see you at my doorstep?!

What is your western union info?

I get paid next tues. Ill send you whatever is left after I pay some bills.

You haven't answered any of the questions I have asked you. How much did you pay to take CCNA?

What is it you are doing for your company in Nigeria?

Do you prefer OSPF or BGP?

Dee! I know!
Why don't you sell your Mercedes? That will go a long way toward your sister's treatment. Or that 24" Dell flat screen T.V.?

What re you talking about .I do not have much time .I wouldnt care to do anything to save the life of my lovely sister.Matt,i could have to come to the US if i had the money to pay the airline ticket .Right now,things are tight.

As per the marriage and all,what you just have to do is get calmed so that we have alot of things to talk about when i get there .Plus we'll have to sit down and talk it thru .That will be great.

Matt,if you have the money ,you can send it via any money gram outlet close to you cos my aim is at about $950.00 for her immediate operation .Any amount will be appreciated and below is the doctors money gram info is as in below .I think they charge at about $12.00 or so .So you do not have a problem as i'll gladly pay you whenever the cashiers check get there .I cant wait to see her dieing.Please send the $$$ via any money gram office close to you and i may be able to claim that straight away.

doctors money gram info...

Receiver's name : Kelly Shored

address; 45 a western ave,Ikeja Lagos Nigeria zip code ; 23401

I await all the info as it will be used to receive the money immediately.

Narative: HAHAHH What!? Again let's not read my e-mails or even make a logical threaded response *rolls eyes*

You would get alot more than $1,000 if you sold that Mercedes.

Why don't you have the company that's sending me $4,000 in money orders, send that to you instead. Then you can pay for your sisters operation.

I'm not uncalm. I'm not sure why you would think I am not calm. I'm looking forward to cheating the federal government of 30% of our incomes with our fake marriage!!! SWEET. Plus, your hot, the sex will be [email protected]!!!

Ohh I know, you're so good looking, I bet you could turn tricks and make $1,000 in no time. I know you could here in the US. I'd probably even let you live with me for free if we could have sex like twice a day. But, I don't know in Nigeria, they'd probably just throw you down and rape you before they paid you, so that must suck!!

I'd be really angry if I was working somewhere I couldn't sell my body for some extra cash. It's so lucrative over here. I got like $300 from this 45 yr old woman one time, she was so lonely. If I'm really bored, I can make like $4,000 in one weekend!!! I'm dropping about $30,000 on a Lotus next week, all from money I made just selling my body in my free time... it's GREAT!!! If I didn't have that $30,000 designated for a Lotus I'd probably send you all of it just becuase it's earning me too much interest sitting in the bank. I hate that, getting free money. At least when I sell my body there is an exchange of services for the money you know?!

You never did tell me, why is your sister in Nigeria with you instead of at home with her parents in Manchester? And why wouldn't your parent's insurance pay for their child's medical needs? Or if she is, in fact, your dependant, why won't your insurance with the British Telco pay for her medical needs?

This is not the best time to start answering question.Im not joking over the health of my younger sister.I love her so much .I bet it,it will be great to have either of the two certificates below.

Anyways,i really do hope you can understand what i am saying. Please on a more serious note,i'll want you to send the money today.Its needed for her operation.You can search thru their website www.moneygram.com.They do take credit cards and it wount cost you anythign much .I'll pay you back whatever you have sent .I promise

Narrative: Okay, the person didn't even READ my clearly bullshit and sarcastic reply, and they just prod again for money... note the fact that she thinks OSPF and BGP are Certificats and not actually Routing Protocols, DESPITE the fact that IN MY EMAIL I SAID THEY WERE ROUTING PROTOCOLS..... and Any CCNA would jump on an opportunity to have a discussion about BGP and OSPF, but her sister is dying and all, I guess she's a little distraught.

Dont worry..below is my western address in west africa and as well that should be my money gram info.

Like i said in the previous email,i want you to do something today .You could let some one lend you the money.Do anything for me to save the life of my blood and i promise i'll do anything for you as well.

Promise me Matt...

My western address...
Dee Nelson
7b Ogunloye st,Ogba Ikeja Lagos Nigria

I hope to read from you soonest.

Yes Matt,i can get that sold off but the fact there is im needing the money right now !!! (She's referring to me suggesting sale of Mercedes)

You will never guess what just happened!!! It's soooo horrible.

My mom called me about 10 minutes ago, and I couldn't believe it.

It turns out, that my Dad's Sister's Son's Ex Wife's Uncle's Nephew from his younger brother has just contracted the bird flu!!! Timmy is only 12 years old, he has his whole life ahead of him!!!

Yeah I couldn't believe it either!!! It's so horrible. I started crying, I'm still crying. Anyway, my mom told me I couldn't buy a Lotus with my $30,000, that I had to sell my house and give her every dime I had. I even have to liquidate my business assets and give to Timmy. I always do what my mommy tells me.

Fortunately I bought a gun last week that she doesn't know about!!!

But I have to give her all my money. I'm so sad, I want to shoot myself, but you'll never guess what happened. A Burglar broke into my house week before last and stole all my ammunition!!!! And now, since I have to give all my money to Timmy, I can't afford to buy bullets.

This gun was custom made by Mr. Winchester himself back in 1957. It will only fire hand crafted sterling silver bullets. I had only been able to buy 4 of them before, because they cost $1,000 a piece!!!!. I hope you can help me out. Please send me $1,000 so I can buy a bullet for this gun and kill myself. I am SOOOO depressed now. I just want to die. I can't believe Timmy got the bird flu, and someone stole all my ammunition... it's SO SAD. What a horrible world we live in. I don't want to be a part of it any more.

Please send me $1,000 I want to die I just want to die. *tear*

Narrative: HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Again the person basically ignores my e-mail... look at their response

I think i explained to you why i wount be selling the car.

A cashiers check wount be cashed here you know.This is only negotiable there in top countries such as the US.Im sure you'll find it easy to cash at your bank.That wount be a problem but for now,i need you to do something get money sent in no time cos it will be crazy if i should loose my sister the way ive been seeing her on the sick bed.She can not even say a word .

Im unsure what you mean with needing a fake marriage and what deal you have with your govt.This makes me think you are not real Matt.Ive never cheated in my life and will never cheat one as life goes on ...

I cant turn to a prostitute just because of money do you know ? I bet it,you seem too rude with that.

I told you ,she's on vacation and she came to spend a few days with me .Right now,mom wount take it easy with me and im very unhappy with that. Africa is useless,no insurance nothing...

Matt,please do help me out if you can.Im not sure what you are doing.What will you be doing if i were in love with you ?

Narrative: So what if you did love me!??!? LOL WTF!? Timmy is sick and he needs my help, to hell with your imaginary dying sister!!! Notice also, how the person randomly keeps switching back and forth between Cashiers Checks and Money Orders.... I'm supposed to be getting Money Orders not Cashiers Checks you stupid hobag

But you aren't African, you work for a British Telcom, remember? You didn't even tell me about the accident, I asked. And that's how I started selling my body. I wanted to build a new computer and didn't have enough money, so I started having sex with 45 yr old women who were in unhappy marriages. It's quite lucrative. Unfortunately Last month I also contracted HIV, Ghonorea, and Herpes... it really sucks, now I can't sell my body any more. And then Timmy just got the avian flu and everyone in my family has to sell everything they own.... it's so sad, and I just want to shoot myself. But I can't because, remember, I told you, all my custom ammunition was stolen!!!

I need $1000 to buy a bullet for my Winchester. Can you please help me!? I want to shoot myself :(

And to answer your question, if you were in love with me, you would have had to met me, and had sex with me alot. And since that hasn't happened you couldn't possibly love me. That would bring a tiny sliver of light back into my life if you did love me though. Maybe I could just have the will to live just long enough to get my next paycheck, and I could send it for your sister!!!

But, you could sell your Mercedes before then, because I only get paid every 36 weeks!!!

The world hates us Dee, let's both drink poison at midnight.

P.S. I need $150 to buy poision.

enough Matt...i hate being played this way.Thanks,

Narrative: Aww *tear* we don't get to have fun any more :(

So you aren't moving in now? What will I do? CRAP, and I thought you loved me. I'm not joking. Why do you think I'm joking?

And you will never believe what just happened to me, here let me tell you.

I tripped over a piece of carpet and hit my head on the wall. While I was unconscious my deceased great great grandmother contacted me from the spirit world. It turns out that Great Great Grammy was a prostitute (apparently it's genetic and that's why I turned to prostitution too). Well now she's in hell for it. And she wants me to ship her a glass of ice water.

Well I called UPS, and they do deliver to hell, but there's one small problem. They have to use a special truck that runs on a Nuclear Fission reactor. I don't know if you know this or not, but that stuff is EXPENSIVE, Fission Reactions and all. Well anyway, they need $15 for the delivery. But there is a damn $3,088.44 Nuclear Fission Fuel Surcharge, BASTARDS!!!

Great Great Grammy said she could hold out for another week at most without that water. Please I beg of you, sell your Mercedes and send me $3103.44. Great Great Grammy will die.... again.... if she doesn't get that water!!!

She gave me the Address of her house in Hell so you can send the money directly to her if you want.

Young-Sun Kim 1045 Burning Bush Lane 5th Ring, District 5, 33560 HELL

Apparently all the prostitutes live on Burning Bush lane, isn't that weird!?!?

Please help my Great Great Granny, you love me right!?!?


Well I haven't heard anything else from the person and likely won't. The FBI responded to my information and told me I should file a complaint on the IC3, but based on the conversations I had with them and other law enforcement about this, I don't really see the point.

By the time any law enforcement actually gets ahold of the information, subpeanas login information from Yahoo (They were using Yahoo Mail) Contacts someone in NIGERIA, etc... etc... it won't even matter.

And just to show I'm not making this up.....

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Look I live in holland too!!!