ErkDog: I want to buy a wood chuck
ErkDog: and put it in a cage with some wood
ErkDog: so I can find out
ErkDog: how much wood a wood chuck would chuck
ErkDog: you ever wanted to do that? or am I alone on that one?
Lori: hahahaha
Lori: you are crazy
ErkDog: well, it would certainly answer that question
ErkDog: although I suppose my time would be better used in other pursuits
Lori: you'd have to do 3 trials
Lori: for scientific accuracy
ErkDog: well I wonder
ErkDog: if there is a difference
ErkDog: in the male or female capacity for wood eating?
Lori: possibly
Lori: let's run some tests to see :)
ErkDog: and then of course, there could be a discrepancy in the amount of wood an adolescent, versus teen, versus adult wood chuck could consume
ErkDog: although, I probably don't have enough money to buy that many wood chucks
Lori: true, true